Charlie Crisp – Thoughts on Hotspot

Posted: November 1, 2011 in Guest Contributions

Charlie Crisp is the Head Coach at Carlford Tennis Club in Gloucestershire (weblink -> Charlford Tennis Club)

Charlie has competed to a high level in tennis but his talents spray out of tennis into the real world so to speak. He spends his time on court, up trees and playing some serious music with popular band Last Nights Victory

Charlie offers his thoughts on the Hotspot Training System

As a player and coach of tennis who has always been very competitive in what ever field i find myself in, it has always been very difficult to find motivation within my self and to encourage others to do the necessary physical conditioning to support high level tennis.

Where Hotspot is really effective, is giving like competitive spirited sports men and women the extra edge they need, to want to turn out for fitness training and try to either better themselves or those around them, depending on where they re motivations lie.

Rather than just going through the motions and it being “incredibly dull,” as I have heard top conditioning trainers say, hardly motivational, with hotspot you are constantly pushing your boundaries and there fore increasing range of movement, stamina, coordination and stimulating myolin’s production to be even more rapid.

Not only does Hotspot give you a representation of your improvement in an area normally very difficult to measure but also shows up decrease in performance educating competitors in the importance of work rest ratios, fatigue through lack of sleep or a recent tournament, diet and fluid intake and all manor of other reasons that may not have realized had such a detrimental effect on our bodies as the Hotspot results are so acurate and over a period of time will show the expected improvement curve and if the results are not met, we have only our selves to look at rather than blaming someone else or the conditions etc.

At the moment i can t see a more inspiring tool to make physical conditioning a motivating and maximum effective part of sports training programs than through Hotspot and its ability to enhance the methods we all individually use and believe in as it can be used in almost any exercise you can think of.

Well there you have it.  Charlie Crisp has spoken!  A big thank you to Charlie for taking the time to write in and please if you want to contribute, anything at all from your experiences to opinions and success stories I want to hear from you

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