Performance Enhancement Tool kit

Posted: October 28, 2011 in Coaching Concepts, Movement Training, Teaching & Learning, Uncategorized
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The Performance Enhancement tool kit is a simple and effective way to personalise training.  Whether it be for a specific game style in an individual sport, a certain position or improving certain muscle groups this approach will get you on the dot faster.

Again there is a 360 degree approach to this and it is important to consider options and potential solutions from many angles.  For example a right back in football will have certain things in common with the vast majority of right backs but with deeper investigation there could be slight variances due to the manager setting the team up differently or a certain style of play and also not to forget the individual flare and personality.

Moving through the process the movement patterns and variations that can be applied must be set and of course every thing linked back to game day.  What can we expect the player to do on the field and for what reasons?

Within each movement pattern there will be physical obstacles to over come.  These could be in the form of muscles not functioning as well as they could or technique at certain points within the movement pattern.  This could be down to the brain having not been educated, a strength issue or some other issue.  The point is that we can find it fix it and work with it all the time in and out of the movement patterns.

With this approach we have a detailed overview of the actual requirements from all angles. We have designed specific patterns and drill variations to enhance the players performance.  We have given the body a well rounded view of what we want and how to get better and finally we monitor every time and all the time.

In monitoring we build up players confidence with the movements (maybe after and injury), we demonstrate the point relevant to the tactics so we get buy in and we have a much better handle on whether the drill, activity works within the game played at the weekend.

Simple really but very effective

Example case coming soon…

Make it count x


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